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High Quality Fortinet Security Expert NSE4 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (1-30)

Identify the statement which correctly describes the output of the following command: diagnose ips anomaly list
A. Lists the configured DoS policy.
B. List the real-time counters for the configured DoS policy.
C. Lists the errors captured when compiling the DoS policy.
Correct Answer: B

Examine the following CLI configuration: config system session-ttl set default 1800 end What statement is true about the effect of the above configuration line?
A. Sessions can be idle for no more than 1800 seconds.
B. The maximum length of time a session can be open is 1800 seconds.
C. After 1800 seconds, the end user must re-authenticate.
D. After a session has been open for 1800 seconds, the FortiGate sends a keepalive packet to both client and server.
Correct Answer: A

Review the output of the command get router info routing-table database shown in the Exhibit below; then answer the question following it.
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Which of the following statements are correct regarding this output? (Select all that apply).
A. There will be six routes in the routing table.
B. There will be seven routes in the routing table.
C. There will be two default routes in the routing table.
D. There will be two routes for the subnet in the routing table.
Correct Answer: AC

An issue could potentially occur when clicking Connect to start tunnel mode SSL VPN. The tunnel will start up for a few seconds, then shut down. Which of the following statements best describes how to resolve this issue?
A. This user does not have permission to enable tunnel mode. Make sure that the tunnel mode widget has been added to that user\’s web portal.
B. This FortiGate unit may have multiple Internet connections. To avoid this problem, use the appropriate CLI command to bind the SSL VPN connection to the original incoming interface.
C. Check the SSL adaptor on the host machine. If necessary, uninstall and reinstall the adaptor from the tunnel mode portal.
D. Make sure that only Internet Explorer is used. All other browsers are unsupported.
Correct Answer: B

The order of the firewall policies is important. Policies can be re-ordered from either the GUI or the CLI. Which CLI command is used to perform this function?
A. set order
B. edit policy
C. reorder
D. move
Correct Answer: D

The following diagnostic output is displayed in the CLI: diag firewall auth list policy iD. 9, srC., action: accept, timeout: 13427 user: forticlient_chk_only, group: flag (80020): auth timeout_ext, flag2 (40): exact group iD. 0, av group: 0 —– 1 listed, 0 filtered —–Based on this output, which of the following statements is correct?
A. Firewall policy 9 has endpoint compliance enabled but not firewall authentication.
B. The client check that is part of an SSL VPN connection attempt failed.
C. This user has been associated with a guest profile as evidenced by the group id of 0.
D. An auth-keepalive value has been enabled.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following statements correctly describes how a push update from the FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) works? NSE4 dumps
A. The FDN sends push updates only once.
B. The FDN sends package updates automatically to the FortiGate unit without requiring an update request.
C. The FDN continues to send push updates until the FortiGate unit sends an acknowledgement.
D. The FDN sends a message to the FortiGate unit that there is an update available and that the FortiGate unit should download the update.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator has formed a High Availability cluster involving two FortiGate 310B units. [Multiple upstream Layer 2 switches] — [ FortiGate HA Cluster ] – [ Multiple downstream Layer 2 switches ] The administrator wishes to ensure that a single link failure will have minimal impact upon the overall throughput of traffic through this cluster.
Which of the following Options describes the best step the administrator can take? The administrator should…
A. set up a full-mesh design which uses redundant interface.
B. increase the number of FortiGate units in the cluster and configure HA in Active-Active mode.
C. enable monitoring of all active interface.
D. configure the HA ping server feature to allow for HA failover in the event that a path is disrupted.
Correct Answer: A

A FortiAnalyzer device could use which security method to secure the transfer of log data from FortiGate devices?
B. IPSec
C. direct serial connection
Correct Answer: B

What capabilities can a FortiGate provide? (Choose three.)
A. Mail relay.
B. Email filtering.
C. Firewall.
D. VPN gateway.
E. Mail server.
Correct Answer: BCD

Identify the correct properties of a partial mesh VPN deployment:
A. VPN tunnels interconnect between every single location.
B. VPN tunnels are not configured between every single location.
C. Some locations are reached via a hub location.
D. There are no hub locations in a partial mesh.
Correct Answer: BC

With FSSO, a domain user could authenticate either against the domain controller running the Collector Agent and Domain Controller Agent, or a domain controller running only the Domain Controller Agent. If you attempt to authenticate with the Secondary Domain Controller running only the Domain Controller Agent, which of the following statements are correct? (Select all that apply.)
A. The login event is sent to the Collector Agent.
B. The FortiGate unit receives the user information from the Domain Controller Agent of the Secondary Controller.
C. The Collector Agent performs the DNS lookup for the authenticated client\’s IP address.
D. The user cannot be authenticated with the FortiGate device in this manner because each Domain Controller Agent requires a dedicated Collector Agent.
Correct Answer: AC

A client can create a secure connection to a FortiGate using SSL VPN in web-only mode. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the use of web-only mode SSL VPN?
A. Web-only mode supports SSL version 3 only.
B. A Fortinet-supplied plug-in is required on the web client to use web-only mode SSL VPN.
C. Web-only mode requires the user to have a web browser that supports 64-bit cipher length.
D. The JAVA run-ti environment must be installed on the client to be able to connect to a web-only mode SSL VPN.
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following describes the best custom signature for detecting the use of the word andquot;Fortinetandquot; in chat applications?
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A. The sample packet trace illustrated in the exhibit provides details on the packet that requires detection. F-SBID(–prot ocoltcp;–flowfrom_client;–patternandquot;X-MMS-IM-Formatandquot;;–patternandquot;fortinetandquot;;–no_case;)
B. F-SBID(–protocol tcp;–flow from_client;–patternandquot;fortinetandquot;;–no_case;)
C. F-SBID( –protocol tcp; –flow from_client; –pattern andquot;X-MMS-IM-Formatandquot;; –pattern andquot;fortinetandquot;; –within 20; — no_case; )
D. F-SBID(–protocoltcp;–flowfrom_client;–patternandquot;X-MMS-IMFormatandquot;;–patternandquot;fortinetandquot;;–within20;)
Correct Answer: A

How can DLP file filters be configured to detect Office 2010 files? (Select all that apply.)
A. File TypE. Microsoft Office(msOffice)
B. File TypE. Archive(zip)
C. File TypE. Unknown Filetype(unknown)
D. File NamE. andquot;.pptandquot;, andquot;.docandquot;, andquot;.xlsandquot;
E. File NamE. andquot;.pptxandquot;, andquot;.docxandquot;, andquot;.xlsxandquot;
Correct Answer: BE

An administrator configures a FortiGate unit in Transparent mode on the subnet. Automatic Discovery is enabled to detect any available FortiAnalyzers on the network.
Which of the following FortiAnalyzers will be detected? (Select all that apply.)
Correct Answer: AB

Review the IPsec phase1 configuration in the Exhibit shown below; then answer the question following it.
NSE4 dumps
Which of the following statements are correct regarding this configuration? NSE4 dumps (Select all that apply).
A. The phase1 is for a route-based VPN configuration.
B. The phase1 is for a policy-based VPN configuration.
C. The local gateway IP is the address assigned to port1.
D. The local gateway IP address is
Correct Answer: AC

What is the maximum number of FortiAnalyzer/FortiManager devices a FortiGate unit can be configured to send logs to?
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4
Correct Answer: C

In an IPSec gateway-to-gateway configuration, two FortiGate units create a VPN tunnel between two separate private networks.
Which of the following configuration steps must be performed on both FortiGate units to support this configuration? (Select all that apply.)
A. Create firewall policies to control traffic between the IP source and destination address.
B. Configure the appropriate user groups on the Fortigate units to allow users access to the IPSec VPN connection.
C. Set the operating mode of the FortiGate unit to IPSec VPN mode.
D. Define the Phase 2 parameters that the FortiGate unit needs to create a VPN tunnel with the remote peer.
E. Define the Phase 1 parameters that the FortiGate unit needs to authenticate the remote peers.
Correct Answer: ADE

Review the IPsec Phase2 configuration shown in the Exhibit; then answer the question following it.
NSE4 dumps
Which of the following statements are correct regarding this configuration? (Select all that apply).
A. The Phase 2 will re-key even if there is no traffic.
B. There will be a DH exchange for each re-key.
C. The sequence number of ESP packets received from the peer will not be checked.
D. Quick mode selectors will default to those used in the firewall policy.
Correct Answer: AB

Which of the following items is NOT a packet characteristic matched by a firewall service object?
A. ICMP type and code
B. TCP/UDP source and destination ports
C. IP protocol number
D. TCP sequence number
Correct Answer: D

An administrator wishes to generate a report showing Top Traffic by service type. They notice that web traffic overwhelms the pie chart and want to exclude the web traffic from the report.
Which of the following statements best describes how to do this?
A. In the Service field of the Data Filter, type 80/tcp and select the NOT checkbox.
B. AddthefollowingentrytotheGenericFieldsectionoftheDataFilter:serviceandquot;webandquot;.
C. When editing the chart, uncheck wlog to indicate that Web Filtering data is being excluded when generating the chart.
D. When editing the chart, enter \’http\’ in the Exclude Service field.
Correct Answer: A

Which header field can be used in a firewall policy for traffic matching?
A. ICMP type and code.
C. TCP window size.
D. TCP sequence number.
Correct Answer: A

Which statements are true regarding local user authentication? (Choose two.)
A. Two-factor authentication can be enabled on a per user basis.
B. Local users are for administration accounts only and cannot be used to authenticate network users.
C. Administrators can create the user accounts is a remote server and store the user passwords locally in the FortiGate.
D. Both the usernames and passwords can be stored locally on the FortiGate
Correct Answer: AD

Which of the following cannot be used in conjunction with the endpoint compliance check?
A. HTTP Challenge Redirect to a Secure Channel (HTTPS) in the Authentication Settings.
B. Any form of firewall policy authentication.
C. WAN optimization.
D. Traffic shaping.
Correct Answer: A

If no firewall policy is specified between two FortiGate interface and zones are not used, which of the following statements describes the action taken on traffic fllowing between these interface?
A. The traffic is blocked.
B. The traffic is passed.
C. The traffic is passed and logged.
D. The traffic is blocked and logged.
Correct Answer: A

A FortiGate unit is configured with three Virtual Domains (VDOMs) as illustrated in the exhibit.
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Which of the following statements are correct regarding these VDOMs? (Select all that apply.)
A. The FortiGate unit supports any combination of these VDOMs in NAT/Route and Transparent modes.
B. The FortiGate unit must be a model 1000 or above to support multiple VDOMs.
C. A license had to be purchased and applied to the FortiGate unit before VDOM mode could be enabled.
D. All VDOMs must operate in the same mode.
E. Changing a VDOM operational mode requires a reboot of the FortiGate unit.
F. An admin account can be assigned to one VDOM or it can have access to all three VDOMs.
Correct Answer: AF

Which of the following DLP actions will always be performed if it is selected? NSE4 dumps
A. Archive
B. Quarantine Interface
C. Ban Sender
D. Block
E. None
F. Ban
G. Quarantine IP Address
Correct Answer: A

Which statements are correct regarding virtual domains (VDOMs)? (Choose two.)
A. VDOMs divide a single FortiGate unit into two or more virtual units that each have dedicated memory and CPUs.
B. A management VDOM handles SNMP, logging, alert email, and FDN-based updates.
C. VDOMs share firmware versions, as well as antivirus and IPS databases.
D. Different time zones can be configured in each VDOM.
Correct Answer: BC

Examine the static route configuration shown below; then answer the question following it. config router static edit 1 set dst set device port1 set gateway set distance 10 set weight 5 next edit 2 set dst set blackhole enable set distance 5 set weight 10 next end Which of the following statements correctly describes the static routing configuration provided? (Select all that apply.)
A. All traffic to will always be dropped by the FortiGate unit.
B. As long as port1 is up, all the traffic to will be routed by the static route number 1. If the interface port1 is down, the traffic will be routed using the blackhole route.
C. The FortiGate unit will NOT create a session entry in the session table when the traffic is being routed by the blackhole route.
D. The FortiGate unit will create a session entry in the session table when the traffic is being routed by the blackhole route.
E. Traffic to will be shared through both routes.
Correct Answer: AC

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