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Question 1:

Search dashboards in the Monitoring Console indicate that the distributed deployment is approaching its capacity. Which of the following options will provide the most search performance improvement?

A. Replace the indexer storage to solid state drives (SSD).

B. Add more search heads and redistribute users based on the search type.

C. Look for slow searches and reschedule them to run during an off-peak time.

D. Add more search peers and make sure forwarders distribute data evenly across all indexers.

Correct Answer: C

Question 2:

A Splunk architect has inherited the Splunk deployment at Buttercup Games and end users are complaining that the events are inconsistently formatted for a web sourcetype. Further investigation reveals that not all web logs flow through the

same infrastructure: some of the data goes through heavy forwarders and some of the forwarders are managed by another department.

Which of the following items might be the cause for this issue?

A. The search head may have different configurations than the indexers.

B. The data inputs are not properly configured across all the forwarders.

C. The indexers may have different configurations than the heavy forwarders.

D. The forwarders managed by the other department are an older version than the rest.

Correct Answer: D

Question 3:

A customer has installed a 500GB Enterprise license. They also purchased and installed a 300GB, no enforcement license on the same license master. How much data can the customer ingest before search is locked out?

A. 300GB. After this limit, search is locked out.

B. 500GB. After this limit, search is locked out.

C. 800GB. After this limit, search is locked out.

D. Search is not locked out. Violations are still recorded.

Correct Answer: D


Question 4:

Which of the following should be included in a deployment plan?

A. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

B. Current logging details and data source inventory.

C. Current and future topology diagrams of the IT environment.

D. A comprehensive list of stakeholders, either direct or indirect.

Correct Answer: D


Question 5:

Which index-time props.conf attributes impact indexing performance? (Select all that apply.)





Correct Answer: BD


Question 6:

In a four site indexer cluster, which configuration stores two searchable copies at the origin site, one searchable copy at site2, and a total of four searchable copies?

A. site_search_factor = origin:2, site1:2, total:4

B. site_search_factor = origin:2, site2:1, total:4

C. site_replication_factor = origin:2, site1:2, total:4

D. site_replication_factor = origin:2, site2:1, total:4

Correct Answer: D


Question 7:

Which of the following is true regarding Splunk Enterprise performance? (Select all that apply.)

A. Adding search peers increases the maximum size of search results.

B. Adding RAM to an existing search heads provides additional search capacity.

C. Adding search peers increases the search throughput as search load increases.

D. Adding search heads provides additional CPU cores to run more concurrent searches.

Correct Answer: BD


Question 8:

Which Splunk Enterprise offering has its own license?

A. Splunk Cloud Forwarder

B. Splunk Heavy Forwarder

C. Splunk Universal Forwarder

D. Splunk Forwarder Management

Correct Answer: C


Question 9:

Which Splunk server role regulates the functioning of indexer cluster?

A. Indexer

B. Deployer

C. Master Node

D. Monitoring Console

Correct Answer: C


Question 10:

When adding or rejoining a member to a search head cluster, the following error is displayed:

Error pulling configurations from the search head cluster captain; consider performing a destructive configuration resync on this search head cluster member.

What corrective action should be taken?

A. Restart the search head.

B. Run the splunk apply shcluster-bundle command from the deployer.

C. Run the clean raft command on all members of the search head cluster.

D. Run the splunk resync shcluster-replicated-config command on this member.

Correct Answer: B

Question 11:

A three-node search head cluster is skipping a large number of searches across time. What should be done to increase scheduled search capacity on the search head cluster?

A. Create a job server on the cluster.

B. Add another search head to the cluster.

C. server.conf captain_is_adhoc_searchhead = true.

D. Change limits.conf value for max_searches_per_cpu to a higher value.

Correct Answer: D

Question 12:

The frequency in which a deployment client contacts the deployment server is controlled by what?

A. polling_interval attribute in outputs.conf

B. phoneHomeIntervalInSecs attribute in outputs.conf

C. polling_interval attribute in deploymentclient.conf

D. phoneHomeIntervalInSecs attribute in deploymentclient.conf

Correct Answer: D


Question 13:

To activate replication for an index in an indexer cluster, what attribute must be configured in indexes.conf on all peer nodes?

A. repFactor = 0

B. replicate = 0

C. repFactor = auto

D. replicate = auto

Correct Answer: C


Question 14:

Which of the following clarification steps should be taken if apps are not appearing on a deployment client? (Select all that apply.)

A. Check serverclass.conf of the deployment server.

B. Check deploymentclient.conf of the deployment client.

C. Check the content of SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps of the deployment server.

D. Search for relevant events in splunkd.log of the deployment server.

Correct Answer: ABC


Question 15:

Which of the following security options must be explicitly configured (i.e. which options are not enabled by default)?

A. Data encryption between Splunk Web and splunkd.

B. Certificate authentication between forwarders and indexers.

C. Certificate authentication between Splunk Web and search head.

D. Data encryption for distributed search between search heads and indexers.

Correct Answer: B

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